Chimmi's Grillin' Sauz - 355 ml Bottle


Our rendition of Argentinian "Chimichurri", this non-spicy grilling sauce packs some of the same flavor as our Hot Sauz, with the addition of delicious and aromatic oregano.  Use as a marinade, sauce, or even as a salad dressing!  Pour directly onto meats while grilling/broiling, or marinade in advance for enhanced flavor.  Use on chicken, steak, fish, pork, chicken wings, seafood, sausages, hamburgers, and more.  Can even be used to saute or bake your favorite meats.  We promise that your neighbors blocks away will be enticed by the smell when you throw this on your grill.  Super easy to use and popular with all ages, our Grillin' Sauz is a hit at every party, barbeque, and camp trip!

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