What is Chimmi's?

Loaded with fresh cilantro, savoury spices, and just the right amount of heat, Chimmi's Hot Sauz is sure to turn every meal into a party.  What started as a Peruvian family recipe has exploded into a nationwide sensation, and our fresh hot sauce has become an essential part of almost every meal and recipe of our loyal followers.  Chimmi's Grillin' Sauz, a non-spicy marinade, was launched shortly after, and has quickly become another addiction of our fans.  Our sauces are made with fresh, all-natural ingredients, and contain no preservatives or artificial colours.  Made in our small town of Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, every jar has been crafted with care to our personal guarantee of satisfaction.  Try a Chimmi's Sauz today - you will quickly find out why our customers say: "It's What You Crave"!

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